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How’s Birla Tisya property excellent to other properties in the locality?

Great!! You're assessing the domestic parcels in a strategic way. Of course, we do comparisons in all the products we buy. Be it ornamental to living homes. We do this to gain the stylish product in the city.

We've heard from numerous of them that they compare but still land with incorrect products. This is due to the lack of analysis and moxie in the separate sphere. So there are some prerequisites listed for you while buying any property. They are

  • • Stylish in class quality
  • • Leading property Inventor in the megacity
  • • Action free property
  • • Duly proved parcels with all the needed blessings
  • • RERA blessing
  • • Analyze the position trends-By getting to know the strength of the area’s structure and connectivity
  • • Stylish resale value and Hassle-free property

These are the prerequisite we need to be looking into before buying any property. This makes us safe from any unborn actions or hassles. Buying from a leading inventor ensures parameters like on- time delivery and other overall perfection of the property. The RERA blessings are obligatory in buying any property. These reputed or leading inventor parcels are most preferred for their stylish resale value.

Can you imagine a builder reversing the process and furnishing all these factors at par?
Yes!! It’s possible from Birla Estates, Birla Tisya.

This is a superior property in the Magadi Road for its multitudinous advantages.

Birla Tisya

Birla Tisya is an affordable decoration property located in Magadi Road, West Bangalore. The property is designed to have and 3 BHK homes with great luxury and comforting installations. You all might be knowing about the placement of West Bangalore in Bangalore megacity. This region plays a major part in the profitable growth of the megacity. This Bangalore contributes to a larger extent to the growth of the megacity. This region is connected to the other metropolises of the same Karnataka state. So the advancements and development in this region are exceptional compared to other areas of the megacity.

Birla Tisya is rich in amenities that give a perfect residence to us. The installations in this Birla Tisya are super luxurious with multitudinous installations. The property has a massive club with numerous installations housed in the demesne. There's a multipurpose hall and feed hall in the posh premise that give us space for numerous events and parties. We get a world- class spa in the Birla Tisya property that provides a great fitness routine.

We still have numerous further installations to delight in this decoration reopened community. Yoga and aerobic centre are available then to offer heartiness to the residers. This is an each- age property that offers amenities for all age groups. Therefore there's a elderly citizen zone and sprat play area. Creche in the demesne gives promising care to our kiddies.

There are so numerous other installations in the Birla Tisya. One of them is the 3 league security with 24 * 7 security services. The exact size of the property is yet to be known. Still, we could anticipate sizes ranging from 515sqft to 2100sqft.

What are the characteristics we glance into a property before buying?

  • • Builder prospect
  • • Type of property
  • • Market value
  • • Property value
  • • Amenities
  • • No litigation property
  • • Serene Atmosphere
  • • Best resale value
  • • Hassle-free low maintenance property.

  • • Major Arterial Road
  • • Expansion of NICE Road
  • • Peripheral Ring Road

  • • Volleyball
  • • Football
  • • Tennis

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Master Plan?

A Master plan of any real estate development would give a clear picture of how the project can be viewed. It is the virtual model or the sketch on the board which would be in reality post construction phase. This helps any common man with minimum apartment knowledge to easily understand what he would be getting in the near future.

2. What are the different types and sizes of apartment units?

Proposed to have 1,2 & 3 BHK Apartment. Size of each unit is yet to be decided.

3. What kind of homes are available here?

Birla Tysia consists of Apartments.

4. Who are the Architects/Master Planners of Birla Tysia?

Yet to be updated. Bilra Properties has not divulged this information. Will be available once approved from authorities.

5. How Many Apartments Does this Project have?

Total available Units is 431*