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Stylish Birla Estate Project Development in Magadi Road, Bangalore

Bangalore is a fast-paced megacity with enormous growth. To repel in the megacity we need to have our own sanctum. This eases to manage and protects our part of the payment. These are tumescent investments that would secure our future.

The megacity substantiations a lot of systems on all the edges of the megacity. Design development in real estate terms means any type of property development done in a proposed place.

There are numerous systems available in the theater megacity. We could pick any type of design that would personally suit us. The most important factor in choosing any design development is the builder/ inventor. Because the product or design is knitter- made by these companies or realities.

One of the promising real estate inventors in Bangalore is Birla Estates. This is a 100 times old company that started with the cloth assiduity latterly into the chemical assiduity and in the late 2000’s exactly 2016 the Birla Estates was innovated.

There are numerous project developments in Bangalore. Still, the Birla Tisya is a phenomenal piece with luxurious 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK Apartment in Magadi Road, Bnagalore.

The Birla Tisya has a grand entrance with Roman armature. There's a musical root on the demesne just at the entrance of the property. The property has emotional maze auditoriums and form auditoriums. The internal and driveway roads are wider. There's an amazing water point inside the massive club. There are separate walkways or rambler walkways designed in the Birla Estate.

The connectivity of this stylish property position is splendid. There are numerous connecting roads like

  • • Mysore Road
  • • NICE Road
  • • Kanakapura Road

The structure of the position is awful with the stylish seminaries, educational institutes, banks, shopping promenades and other amenities.

The Birla Tisya units are Vaasthu complaint with 75 open space. The Birla Tisya has 1 palace with 22 storeys. We get 4 apartments on one bottom. That gives space for a lot of sequestration. The erected structure is of 3 recesses 5 places Ground 19 bottoms.

The design is stylish in all aspects. The amenities are one of the stylish corridor of the Property. There's a devoted space for a chesterfield. Can you believe there's a space for kickboxing? There's a devoted elderly citizen area on the demesne to give quality time to our family elders.

This exquisite Birla Tisya has an aerobic court with an out-of-door spa. The property has a separate sundeck for board games. There's a commodious toddler play area handed in the Birla Tisya.

The cafeterias is present in the demesne which could be used for multiple purposes like meeting musketeers from outside the society or have a good food time with our family and loved bones.

There's a patterned field area handed in the demesne with a balcony for reading books.

The price of Birla Tisya is fairly nominal. Therefore there's a good demand for this project.

What are the characteristics we glance into a property before buying?

  • • Builder prospect
  • • Type of property
  • • Market value
  • • Property value
  • • Amenities
  • • No litigation property
  • • Serene Atmosphere
  • • Best resale value
  • • Hassle-free low maintenance property.

  • • Major Arterial Road
  • • Expansion of NICE Road
  • • Peripheral Ring Road

  • • Volleyball
  • • Football
  • • Tennis

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Master Plan?

A Master plan of any real estate development would give a clear picture of how the project can be viewed. It is the virtual model or the sketch on the board which would be in reality post construction phase. This helps any common man with minimum apartment knowledge to easily understand what he would be getting in the near future.

2. What are the different types and sizes of apartment units?

Proposed to have 1,2 & 3 BHK Apartment. Size of each unit is yet to be decided.

3. What kind of homes are available here?

Birla Tysia consists of Apartments.

4. Who are the Architects/Master Planners of Birla Tysia?

Yet to be updated. Bilra Properties has not divulged this information. Will be available once approved from authorities.

5. How Many Apartments Does this Project have?

Total available Units is 431*